Religious Branding 

In India one of the biggest form of branding is Religious Branding

 Religious Branding 

In India one of the biggest form of branding is Religious Branding. India is a country which is very heavily driven by faith, and being one of the oldest civilizations in the world, faith is deep and rooted. Religious branding is branding that invokes a GOD sentiment in the product or service so people feel safe when they use the product. 

The best example in India of this is the Auto manufacturer “Maruti” which is the Sanskrit name for Lord Hanuman. Lord Hanuman is known to the largely hindu population as the protector, and this gives a sentiment that if you are in a Maruti, you are safe.

In fact so many businesses in India are even named on God's name like Shree Ram, Shree Krishna and so on, but one must realise that this branding becomes geographically limited, as when the product needs to go into markets that are not of the same religious values as that of the brand owner then it may not be as easy to sell. Although this may be extremely advantageous for a location based business, like a restaurant. This will not move and will be geographically located in a particular place which works for the customers of that city / place. 

An example of this is in the cities of Vrindavan and Mathura, a lot of local business are named after the various forms of Lord Krishna and that being his birth / life places, the tourism that comes in are attracted to these names and businesses and in fact seek after them. 

One must be very particular with religious branding as this is also sentimental branding and one wrong fact or look can even anger people to not visit your business again.