Personal Branding

So what exactly is personal branding ?

So what exactly is personal branding ?

It may feel strange that we are people and not products, so how can we have a personal brand. Although each one of us has a cultivated personality, which if trained can become a talent or hobby which can ultimately lead to a Brand.

Personal branding means your persona which is communicated in Public. In today’s day and age this happens more on social media, in public forums and in face to face interactions where you and your talent have a huge impact on the recipient's who you interact with.

So the next question that will be asked is HOW? 

How does one build a personal brand? 

One must create a public image about themselves on various platforms which can get mass following. One must also have a particular trait that people can follow like singing/ dancing etc…  

Think in Indian terms of a Rakhi Sawant , Like her or not, you can not fail to notice her every-time she does a crazy stunt for the media, and in fact the media follows her looking for the next crazy stunt. In a way people know her for her crass language and cheap antics, and these make her instantly recognisable.

Although most people will not want to brand themselves like  Rakhi Sawant, but there is a lot one can learn from her about how to stay in the limelight. For example she has realised that the Indian audiences like a certain type of photos, or a particular head shot and a certain type of language, and she maximises this to the fullest.  

For those who are looking for a classier audience (not only the masses) one could look at  Aishwarya Rai Bachchan as an example.