Retail Branding

Every time you enter a store you get a certain vibe to the store. 

Retail Branding

Every time you enter a store you get a certain vibe to the store. A lot of chain stores ensure to have the exact look and feel so as soon as you enter them you know exactly where you are and the type of product to expect.

A classic example of this is McDonald’s. Any where in the world you enter a McDonald’s you know what to expect in terms of food and service. In fact the branding is so strong that almost all new fast food burger joints try to look like a McDonald’s hoping that customers feel comfortable when they go there.

Deliberate design choices like the layout, the light fixtures, the decor, the music played, the display fixtures and even the type of flooring are all carefully selected to build a brand experience for every shopper who enters the store. 

Any business with a Physical location must concentrate on the retail branding of the outlet, even if it is a single unit business. This is necessary as when a client enters a store, he immediately decides if he wants to buy from there or not, and if he does not feel familiar or comfortable, the chances of converting a sale is almost zero. Also alternatively if he feels safe and comfortable there , his chances of coming back as a repeat customer are much higher.

With a lot of competition from the E commerce space, a brand really needs to create an intimate feel with their customers so they feel welcome with a  human element, as against an internet interface. 

Some of the best retail brandings can be seen in lifestyle shops, like IKEA where people come and spend hours there because they feel comfortable.

The result of this would be 

So I am that guy who defines you or your product to be VALUABLE in the market space and stand out among your competitors.